Accounting Phone System

Never miss a phone call again with an Accounting Phone System

With a Booth virtual phone system, there’s no extra equipment to buy. Just use your existing phone, and route your business calls through any number. Connect with your clients on any phone from anywhere.

Booth allows us to setup each of our rental offices with a custom call flow. It's super easy to setup and makes sure our tenants can reach the right team member no matter the time of day.
Booth Virtual Phone System

Austin Haarstad

Vice President, Campbell Properties

Booth's Accounting Phone System Features

Use Any Phone

Booth intelligently works with any phone and service provider without any extra fees or setup. Stay professional while using your personal cell phone, or have calls routed to an existing office phone.

No Hardware To Purchase

Booth works with your existing phones so there is no equipment to purchase and nothing to install. All you need is access to a web browser. If you need help we're here to get it setup for you.

Outbound Call Routing

Booth offers outbound call routing which displays your business phone number in your customers caller id. You don't need to have a certain type of phone, just dial your Booth number and follow the automated prompt.

Toll Free Numbers

Sound more profesional with toll free numbers for a nationwide presence.

Local Numbers

Grab a local number to create a virtual presence almost anywhere in the US.

Vanity Numbers

Want to spell your company name in your number, we did - (646) 36-BOOTH.

Voice Mail

Give your customers the attention they deserve even when you are closed with a custom message.

Auto Attendant

"Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support", appear professional no matter your company size.

Audio Prompts

Select from a library of pre-recorded messages, you can also upload or record your own.

Professional Voice-over

Don't want to record your own? Get a professional greeting with one of our voiceover artists.

Route calls by Time Of Day

Route your calls from 8am-5pm to the office, 5pm-7pm to cell. 7pm-8am to voicemail.

Google Calendar

Do you run your entire world through Google Calendar? Have that handle your calls. Learn more.

Keep Your Existing Number

Have a business number that you are already using? You can bring that with you.

Email and SMS Alerts

Receive an email or a text when a customer leaves a voicemail.

Unlimited Call Handling

Take calls from multiple callers at once with no busy signals.

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Cut the Cord With IT

The Booth accounting phone system is user-friendly, so say goodbye to frustrating calls to your IT department. Running your business is time-consuming enough, so we make using a Booth system simple and effective. If you have questions, assistance is only a phone call or click away.

Never Miss a Phone Call Again With an Accounting Phone System

A Booth accounting phone system is an easy way to manage your incoming calls. Create menu prompts for your devices or forward your business calls to a personal device or cell phone. Route your calls during specific hours, or add your own hold music. No matter what your needs are, an accounting phone system with Booth can help you get the job done efficiently.