Service and Consulting Phone Solution

Booth gives you a business only phone number on your existing cell phone for only $9.95/mo.

Say hi to your temporary number

+1 571-639-4569

Don't worry, you can change the number later, or find your perfect number now.

Why Booth is the perfect service and consulting phone solution:

Know it is a business call, don't guess who is calling

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Think of Booth as a second line for your cell phone. Starting at $9.95/month you will know if the call is a call or a personal call. You can also make calls with your Booth number so you will never have to worry about someone getting your cell phone number if you don't want them to have it.

Receive business calls only during business hours

With Booth you can create time blocks for when you want to receive calls and when you'd like to dedicate to family time. Your callers are greeted with a professional voicemail for your consulting business. You will get a text message or email notifying you of the voicemail and can respond on your schedule.

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Don't give out your cell number

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Giving your cell phone number out on your business cards may seem harmless enough. However once you give that number out, everyone will have it. Once you aren't the person to be contacted any more, they will still have your number. If you start off with Booth, they will have your business number and you can then route the calls to someone else, set auto attendant greetings, or a number of other things to help keep you in control of the conversation. Learn more about Booth's features

How It Works

Using Booth is as easy as:

  1. Pick a number for your business
  2. Setup how you want to receive calls
  3. Record or upload a custom greeting
  4. Start receiving calls wherever, whenever
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