Real Estate Investor Phone Solution

Booth gives you a business only phone number on your existing cell phone for only $9.95/mo.

Say hi to your temporary number

+1 301-900-8571

Don't worry, you can change the number later, or find your perfect number now.

Why Booth is the real estate investor phone solution:

Give your cell phone a dedicated real estate phone line

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As a real estate investor your cell phone is probably the primary point of contact for new deals and current tenants and vendors. Not knowing if a call is business or personal can leave you, at best, sounding unprofessional. Starting at $9.95/month all of your real estate related calls can be routed through your Booth phone number direct to your cell phone. The caller id will even show your Booth number so you know how to answer.

Big features no matter your business size

Real estate phone system 7334459c7dc20f4aaae569931d8675198bccafa9674894c4b77f67ae226b3ced You can route calls to a professionally recorded business voicemail when you are in a meeting through our Google or Outlook calendar integration, or give the appearance of a big company with a press one for sales, two for maintenance, auto attendant greeting. Plus unlike other phone systems there is no expensive hardware to purchase and Booth works with any phone you already have.

Why Corey Loves Booth
Corey Maple
Booth allows us to setup our sales people with the right tools. They get to use their cell phones to manage business calls and we don't have to buy a bunch of additional hardware.
Corey Maple
Chairman of Lodging Opportunity Fund, REIT
How It Works

Using Booth is as easy as:

  1. Pick a number for your business
  2. Setup how you want to receive calls
  3. Record or upload a custom greeting
  4. Start receiving calls wherever, whenever
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