Property Management Phone System

Booth gives you a business only phone number on your existing cell phone for only $9.95/mo.

Say hi to your temporary number

+1 301-900-8393

Don't worry, you can change the number later, or find your perfect number now.

Why Booth is the perfect property management phone solution:

Great for one property, or multiple offices

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Whether you have one property or multiple properties, communication can be an issue. Tenants need to get in touch with the property manager about a rent question, or talk with maintenance about a repair. Just have one property and have a day job? Setup time based rules to have your tenants contact you via cell phone from 5pm - 9pm, otherwise have them leave a voicemail and be notified via text message.

Why Austin Loves Booth
Austin Haarstad
Booth allows us to setup each of our rental offices with a custom call flow. It's super easy to setup and makes sure our tenants can reach the right team member no matter the time of day.
Austin Haarstad
Vice President, Campbell Properties

Give your rental offices more control

Property management cell phone 6c5ec76d62083d5fb95ecddb35cdb27fbccbde4224da39f29bfb68c48e5959ec Have multiple offices or properties? No problem, setup your team with a professionally recorded auto attendant greeting to have your tenants press one for the main office, press two for maintenance between the hours of 9am and 5pm. After hours have it sent to a professional voicemail with an emergency contact listed.

No hardware to purchase

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Booth works with the phones you already have and use, no need for expensive or complex hardware to be purchased. Let your property manager take calls on his or her cell phone when not in the office, and all the time knowing it is a business call by showing the property management number as the caller id. Have a land line at the office? You can have the call routed back to it when they are in the office or only during certain days/times of the week.

How It Works

Using Booth is as easy as:

  1. Pick a number for your business
  2. Setup how you want to receive calls
  3. Record or upload a custom greeting
  4. Start receiving calls wherever, whenever
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