Non-Profit Phone Solution

Booth gives you a business only phone number on your existing cell phone for only $9.95/mo.

Say hi to your temporary number

+1 301-900-8564

Don't worry, you can change the number later, or find your perfect number now.

Why Booth is the perfect non profit phone solution:

Low cost, no extra hardware

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Traditional business phone systems require you to purchase a bunch of expensive and confusing hardware. Booth is different, just setup call rules for how you and your team want to be contacted. For example you can integrate with your business or personal calendar to route calls when you are free or busy, or even route calls around a specific time of day so that, for example, from 9am-5pm business calls could go to your cell, and all other times they are forwarded to a professionally recorded voicemail.

One phone, multiple phone lines

Caller id 6222aad2a108e5e95770ca132065481996a070631769575ea9f5559c28fc9ab4 Booth makes it possible for your cell phone to have a personal line AND a business line giving you the control you need for when and how your customers and donors can reach you, while keeping your personal information private.

Stay connected even when out of the office

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Working with a non-profit, chances are you are out of your office as much, if not more, than you are in your office.  Still wanting to be accessible, are you juggling 2 cell phones when you leave the office?  Or constantly calling to check your office voicemail?  With Booth you can say goodbye to multiple phones and maintain your accessibility whether you are in the office or out in the field!

How It Works

Using Booth is as easy as:

  1. Pick a number for your business
  2. Setup how you want to receive calls
  3. Record or upload a custom greeting
  4. Start receiving calls wherever, whenever
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