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While our team is chipping away at some bigger projects on our roadmap I wanted to give a quick update on call logging. This was one of the most requested features as of late.

To get to your call logs simply login to your Booth account, then click on the call log button. If you have multiple numbers in your account the logs are separated by number to keep your history separate.

You’ll be able to see:

  • Length of the call
  • When the call happened
  • What the status is, was it missed, did they leave a voicemail, etc.

Also if there is a person associated with the call it will show their name. For example if you are forwarding calls to your support department it will list the label for that forwarding number instead of the actual number. Just hover over the name to see the actual number.

We’re working on some additional features within the call log, such as exporting the data as a csv and would love to hear your thoughts and if there are more features you’d like to see within Booth.


Josh Christy

Founder of Booth, passionate about helping to grow businesses that matter.