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You’re a Booth fan, well if you aren’t already I’m hoping this post will make you one. Before today Booth already let you handle your business phone calls with many great features like:

  • Auto attendant greeting
  • Route calls by the time of day
  • Professional voice-over greetings
  • Toll free, local, and vanity phone numbers

Well, now Booth moves you one step closer to being a real business super hero. Today we are announcing that you can control your calls with Google Calendar. Watch it in action

Yes, you read that correctly! You can now handle your business calls through Google Calendar!

Easily control your business calls around something you already use, your Google Calendar. Just setup a calendar when you are closed in the evenings, on weekends, extended holidays or even for a staff training. You are in complete control of your calls through something you’re already familiar with.

You can use your work calendar to send calls to your cell when you are available and to your voice mail when you are in a meeting. It helps you focus on the task at hand. Setting up your Business Phone System is as easy as making an appointment!

Here’s how it works (assuming you already have a Booth account):

  • Click on the Google Calendar Integration button when managing your account
  • You will be asked to login with Google and that Google is asking for access to your calendar, click continue
  • Next, choose your calendar
  • Tell Booth what you’d like to do when you are available
  • Do the same thing for when you are busy
  • Thats it, you are now using Google Calendar to manage your phone system, pretty cool!

We are excited to offer the Google Calendar integration. However we know there is much to do and many places to go. That is where you, business professional come in. Would a CRM integration send you over the moon? How about being able to call clients directly from within Zendesk or GrooveHQ? Or that crazy texting thing all the kids are doing?

We want to make professional business calling a breeze with the devices you have. Your ideas are gold and we want to hear them, so you tell us, what do you want to see us integrate with next? Let us know on Twitter or via e-mail at Oh and make sure to get your free shirt when you sign up.


Josh Christy

Founder of Booth, passionate about helping to grow businesses that matter.