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If you’re a realtor, your phone number is probably listed on the sign of every home you sell, which means you’re getting phone inquiries at all hours of the day and night. Your phone is the gateway to your business, but it can also be quite an annoyance when it’s ringing constantly. Virtual phone systems help you keep your phone calls organized so you never miss an important call. Give your phone (and yourself) a rest with a virtual phone system.

Free Outgoing Messages Answer Basic Inquiries for You

There’s a little secret out there called free recorded messages. Most realtors have been using them for years to generate leads, but still many more don’t know about this fantastic technology. Using a system like TryBooth, you simply record an outgoing message on its own phone number and distribute it through various channels. When prospects call the number, they’ll hear your message and can choose whether or not to give you their information. You can use a message to:

  • Answer common questions you get on a daily basis.
  • Give in-depth descriptions of specific properties.
  • Offer instructions for scheduling a walkthrough or appointment.
  • Provide educational information, like what to look for during a walkthrough or how to calculate closing costs.

Using an outgoing message in this way, you can filter out a lot of the time-consuming phone calls you get each day. How amazing would it be if you only got the urgent phone calls on your personal phone, and everyone else’s questions were answered by calling an automated message service? That dream can be a reality by using free recorded messages. Using different extensions, you can even create different numbers for each listing. When callers want to find out more about a property, all they have to do is dial in the extension for it. This lets you convey much more information than you can with printed listings.

Create a Call Queue and Stay Available for the Important Calls

Virtual phone systems also let you create a call queue so you can answer only the calls that matter. You have to admit, on any given day, you probably get about a dozen or so calls from parties that aren’t truly interested in a listing. Using the call queue, these kinds of calls can be forwarded to the person on floor duty, saving you time to answer the call from that mortgage broker you’ve been waiting on.

Call queues aren’t difficult to grasp, either. When a client calls in and presses a button to speak to an agent, the call enters a queue, which alerts agents that there’s a call on hold. You can forward it to any of your agents, in addition to seeing who answered the call and who didn’t. Or you can forward it to all of your agents simultaneously for the quickest response. It’s excellent for those moments when you just don’t have the time to answer basic inquiries.

Forward Calls to Your Cell Without Giving Out Your Number

By far, the best thing about virtual phone systems is their ability to forward calls to your cell. First of all, this means you don’t have to post your personal number on all your promotional material, meaning not just anyone can get a hold of it. This gives you more control over when you answer the phone. Secondly, it means your clients can reach you quickly when it’s important, even if you’re out of the office.

Because the system shows Caller ID, you can screen calls when they come in. If you’re in a meeting but have been waiting anxiously to hear back from someone, forward calls to your cell and keep an eye out for their number. Realtors are busy people; at any point of the day, you could be posting signage, preparing for an open-house, or working on an estimate. Instead of sending clients to a voice mail or paying a personal secretary to direct your calls, virtual phone systems do all that for you, right from your phone.

Integrate Your Schedule and Automatically Set Up Call Forwarding

TryBooth’s virtual phone system links up with Google Calendar, so you can automatically integrate it with your schedule. Set your appointments for the day or the week, and then set TryBooth to forward your calls to other agents in the office or to your voicemail when you’re not available. When you’re ready to take calls again, TryBooth will automatically forward them to your cell. It helps you keep your schedule organized and your clients in touch, and it lets you prioritize important phone calls.

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