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Virtual phone systems are pretty straightforward; they let you record outgoing messages and forward calls to a cell, among other things. But there are also a few creative ways to use a virtual phone system. Are you getting the most out of your cloud-based phone? Check out these out-of-the-box ways to up your productivity.

Have A VIP System

Want to make your best clients feel like they’re one of the most important ones in the room? Give them their own dedicated line. With a virtual phone system, you can give your VIP clients their own special phone numbers, so when their numbers pop up on your screen, you know to make them your first priority.

Create a Corporate Illusion

These days, consumers demand transparency from the companies they patronize, but there are still some things that no customers need to know – like the fact that you do business in your pajamas while your two kids wreak havoc all around you, for example. Working from home is rewarding, but sometimes you may feel that you lack a competitive edge. Give your business a crisp, professional feel with a call menu available through your virtual phone system. For example, “Dial 1 to speak to a customer representative; press 2 for billing questions. …” You may be a one-person operation, but there’s no reason that your customers need to be in on the secret.

Make Payment Collection Easier

If you’re in the business of chasing down delinquent payments, you’re in a bind. Modern technology and the wonders of Caller ID make it easy for your calling list to hit “ignore” when they see your number. With a virtual phone system, you can set up different numbers each time you place a call. Call a person as many times as you want: They won’t know it’s you until they answer the phone.

Generate More Leads

Consider making a dedicated phone number for a specific product. For example, if you’re a realtor, you can make a number exclusively for one property you’re trying to sell. Set up a recording that relays all the relevant information to the callers. Its works two ways: It saves you time fielding calls and allows callers to retrieve the information they need, any time of day or night. Even better, your virtual phone system can track each number for follow-up.

Free Transcription

You probably know that your virtual phone system can email you transcribed versions of all of your voicemails. This is great for reviewing recorded messages from clients, but have you considered using it for yourself? Call your voicemail and leave yourself reminders and notices of schedules appointments. Did inspirations strike you in the middle of the night? Tell it to your voicemail: It will be waiting for you in your email when you wake up in the morning. Thanks to virtual phones systems, there’s no more room for excuses.

Up Your Faxing Game

Faxes are a bit like your favorite pair of jeans: No matter how old or behind the times they get; you’ll always want to wear them. And as archaic as they seem, businesses still rely on fax machines. With a virtual phone system, you can get your faxes delivered to you virtually as a PDF, so you have access to important documents no matter where you are.

Set Up Conference Calls from Your Home

With a virtual phone system such as Trybooth, you can set up calls between multiple parties, even in your pajamas. Again, it’s about creating the illusion of a big business, even when you’re not. Best of all, virtual systems are cloud-based, which means there’s no equipment to maintain or software to update. You can be your own information technology (IT) department (even if you don’t consider yourself particularly tech-savvy).

Grow With Your Business

The best thing about virtual phone systems is that they’re completely scalable. Thanks to online support, you can monitor your plan and make changes instantly, day or night. When your company grows, you can always upgrade to a larger plan. Think about your phone system as being as customizable and unique as you are.

Use It as a Time Clock

Are you in the business of managing employees? A Trybooth virtual phone system can pull double duty as a time clock. Since all voicemails are time-stamped, have your employees call in and leave a voicemail when it’s time for them to work (this is especially helpful when you have a business that’s entirely virtual). When it’s time to clock out, have them call again to relay the message.

Did we miss anything? How do you use your virtual phone system?


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