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If you’re considering expanding a business across the country or you’re about to rollout a new marketing plan, it’s important to be prepared to handle a greater volume of calls and sales. This can be an exciting time for businesses, but it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Make sure that your sales team is ready to handle this new venture by remembering these tips to encourage competitive service quality:

  1. Invest in call representatives – Not all sales and customer service representatives are cut out for phone interactions. In many ways, a call representative’s job is harder. They can’t make eye contact or use body language to convey their message, so their tone and emotional intelligence needs to be right on target. Spend time during the hiring process to make sure that a candidate has the necessary skills to excel in call interactions. Sales experience does not necessarily indicate an individual will represent your company appropriately on a call.

  2. Develop a call process – Your sales crew serves as the front line for the company. A call interaction can make or break new customer agreements and existing customer relationships. Make sure that each sales representative covers the same topics and opportunities, regardless of the reason for a call. Emphasize curtesy and make sure that each call representative has a thorough understanding of expectations during the call process.

  3. Practice makes perfect – Spend time training call representatives. It’s one thing to know the call model, and another thing entirely to successfully implement it under a variety of circumstances. Have a kickoff meeting to address concerns from your call team and to role play various, realistic calls they might be receiving in the near future. Make the meeting fun over lunch or an afternoon snack, and encourage representatives to think of innovative ways to address customers. Everyone benefits from this naturally engaging type of team building and training process.

  4. Invest in a reliable call system – When day one of your new strategy comes around, can you trust your communications system to stand up to the job? Cut communications costs and easily route calls wherever necessary with a scalable phone solution like Booth. With this easy-to-use service you can set up call pools anywhere and meet the needs of mobile representatives. Use customizable rules to set up your communications system so that it serves your business’s needs, and see why more businesses are changing the way they communicate.

  1. Use multiple communications channels – An incoming or outgoing sales call is only part of the sales process. Most consumers complete the majority of the sales process before they ever reach out to a representative. Make sure that your business is meeting consumers where they are looking by using social media, paid advertising, and website updates to complement a new campaign. Sales representatives should be familiar with offerings and posts online so that they can effectively communicate as calls start coming in.

  2. Personalize the interaction – If your company is targeting existing customers, make sure that they feel appreciated and understood by your company. Retention practices are more profitable than acquisition campaigns, and yet sales and customer service representatives often fail to use the same level of strategy and care when engaging with an existing customer. Make sure that call representatives can change their perspective from one type of prospect to another, and keep a repository of helpful information on existing customers. CRM systems can be beneficial for scheduling and maintaining existing customer interactions.

  3. Encourage a balanced work environment – Stress comes through on the phone. If your new campaign is bringing in more calls than your team can currently handle, it may be time to take a step back. Remind call representatives that every day is a new day, and take time to encourage and motivate representatives on an individual basis. Manning the telephone can be emotionally grueling, and business relies on a team of representatives that can smile and stay level-headed on the toughest days.

  4. Reward great interactions – Keep tabs on how well your representatives are performing. Use a variety of key indicators to measure success, rather than relying on sales acquisition alone. Every instance of exceptional customer service is helpful, and those who regularly exceed expectations should be recognized for their contribution to the team and the company.

Expecting growth in sales volume can significantly enhance company morale and be an exciting time for everyone, when approached in the appropriate manner. With these tips, you can effectively manage customers and your call representatives for largely positive experiences that reflect well on you and your company.


Josh Christy

Founder of Booth, passionate about helping to grow businesses that matter.