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Are you happy with your phone system? Sure, you’re a small business owner, and you’ve probably got a lot more to worry about than whether your phone system is up to par. But a new phone system can make a world of difference by saving you time and money. Conventional phone systems are clunky and antiquated; even worse, you can only answer calls when you’re physically in the office. When you’re starting out as an entrepreneur, every lead counts. So are you ready to branch out to a virtual phone system? Check for these telling signs.

Your Business Is Mobile

We don’t mean this in a literal, ice-cream truck sort of way. If you’re a startup, your employees aren’t deskbound at a central office. More likely, they’re out generating leads – visiting with clients, making sales visits, or checking off service calls. Your business phone system should have the capability to reach your “road warriors,” wherever they are. They need to be connected to your office, no matter where they may be physically. If your phone system can’t seamlessly connect to a mobile, landline, or internet protocol (IP) address of your choosing, then it’s time to consider a change to a virtual phone.

Your Office Has Multiple Locations

In the past, when a business grew, they added brick and mortar locations complete with their own, free-standing phone systems. However, the way that we do business is changing at the speed of technological advancement. These days, having multiple phone systems is a drain, both financially and administratively. A cloud-based phone system has the capability of hosting several geographic locations with one overarching organization. Additionally, they can provide support to telecommuters and home workers, a growing demographic in today’s business world. If you want to save money by consolidating all of your phone systems, a cloud-based solution is the way to go.

You Have High Call Volume

Achieving higher call volume is a good thing; it’s an indication that your business is growing. Don’t undo all that progress by dealing with an antiquated phone system. The most important function of a business phone system is that it never lets a call go unanswered. Think about it: When was the last time that you heard a busy signal? If you’re having a hard time handling the number of calls you receive, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Keep up with your communication demands with a virtual phone system.

You Lack IT

If you’re a startup or relatively new business, you may be your own information technology (IT) department. As such, your telephone system should be easy to control; for example, you should be able to add extensions or change the features of your system with minimal effort. Traditional phone systems often require troubleshooting by trained professionals. Having IT on-staff at all times to deal with potential issues is time-consuming and expensive. With a virtual phone system, you can seamlessly change your features through a portal that’s available 24/7. If you don’t have full administrative control of your phones system, then it’s time to make the switch to one where you will.

You Don’t Have a Business Recovery Plan

What’s your contingency plan for when the power goes out? Does your current business phone system have the capability of rerouting calls to your employee’s mobile in case of an electrical failure? When you’re an entrepreneur, you don’t have the time for the phone companies to make service calls. Every missed call is a potential missed business opportunity. With a Trybooth virtual phone system, you can have a built-in contingency plan. Don’t let severe weather or the utility companies keep you from doing what you do best.

You Don’t Have Integration

Gone are the days where aspects of business are separate: These days, it’s essential to integrate all your business practices to stay competitive in the market. Imagine this: One of your employees picks up a customer service call, and their data automatically pops up on the computer screen in front of them. Can your traditional phone service do that? If the answer is no (and we’re guessing it is), then it’s time to upgrade to a system that can handle the challenges of modern business.

The benefits of virtual phone systems are numerous: They’re more cost-effective than their more traditional counterparts, and they allow you to do business wherever you are (even if that’s on your couch). If your current system doesn’t allow you to be in total control of your business 24/7, then it’s time to upgrade to a virtual solution such as Booth.


Josh Christy

Founder of Booth, passionate about helping to grow businesses that matter.